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Recommended Vendors

Although we do not guarantee any level of service provided by these vendors, their business was recommended by someone in our network. As with any service provider, we recommend doing your own research and price comparison, but here’s a great place to start!

Loan Officers & Mortgage Brokers:

Mike Melbostad | Senior Loan Officer, NMLS #128611
Pacific Union Financial, LLC.
(763) 225-6321

Bret Sutton | Loan Officer, NMLS #1200856
Heritage Bank
(816) 769-2288

Bryan Bentley | Senior Mortgage Consultant, NMLS #400911
Wintrust Mortgage
(651) 406-5020

Home Inspectors: 

Platinum Property Inspections
Prairie Home Inspections
Inspections Plus

House Cleaners:

Crystal Clear Cleaning
Rivera’s Residential Cleaning (612) 406-6730

Carpet Cleaners:

All Star Steam Team

Window Cleaners:

Vantage Window Cleaning


Blackstone Hardscape Inc.
Helmin Landscaping Inc.
Jerry’s Garden Center


Spegal Painting
123 Flooring and Painting

Home Warranties:

American Home Shield