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Financial Coaching

comwelCommonWealth Financial Services is a 1:1 accountability and consulting service that combines the science of Psychology with proven financial principles to help you take back control of your finances.

CommonWealth’s personal assessments define and develop the framework as to the “why” behind every penny. From there, a customized strategy will be developed to fit your specific situation and comfort level.

Whether you are looking to become financially wise before purchasing your home, reducing debt to allow pre-approval, setting up a month-to-month budget or building wealth, CommonWealth has a service for you! Today is the day to take back control of your money and gain financial freedom!

Together we will build wealth, one penny at a time.


“My passion as your consultant is to walk you through your financial journey. It is my heart to see people take back control of their finances. With a Bachelors degree in Psychology, certification as a Dave Ramsey Financial Coach and experience in for-profit and non-profit business financial sectors, I combine my education and experience to provide a holistic approach to financial consulting. I believe an essential part of helping you find home, is by finding the why behind every penny!” – Amber Hutton, Consultant

Contact Amber: commonwealth.hutton@gmail.com | (612) 888-6912